About Green Man Char

Green Man Char products are the creation of Cyclic Carbon Pty Ltd, an Australian company that forms carbon products from biomass and waste.

Every product is sustainably produced in Australia using the Charmaker technology.  Our biochar and charcoal products can be used for agriculture, industry and gourmet cooking.

The Green Man is an ancient symbol of rebirth and nature.  It embodies the challenge of sustainability in our modern world.  At Green Man Char we aim to reduce waste, capture all available resources and help create a more sustainable economy in which both the environment and humanity can prosper. If you would like to know more about Green Man Char, please feel free to contact us directly.

Live in the spirit of the Green Man!

Learn about the Green Man

The Green Man is a figure of mysterious origins with references dating back thousands of years in many different civilizations. It represents life and the cycle of growth, but most importantly it embodies sustainability in the modern world.

Although specifics about its beginnings  are not known, the Green Man is most often associated with the Celts. Most frequently depicted as a man’s face, usually ranging from middle aged to elderly, it often appears within leaves, branches, vines, and flowers, as being born from the natural world. Our Green Man is a Eucalyptus Green Man, Eucalyptus being the dominant native tree species in Australia.

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The Green Man is seen as a symbol of growth and rebirth, the eternal seasonal cycle. This union with nature and mutual reliance upon one another is a powerful message of the Green Man. Is the Green Man a child of Gaia, the Earth Mother?

At Green Man Char we believe in the formation of a more sustainable economy. Our products allow you to make a small difference to this global issue providing enhanced plant growth, reduced fertiliser use, soil improvement and carbon sequestration. We aim to reduce waste, use resources efficiently and wisely, and help create a more sustainable system in which both the environment and humanity can prosper. We believe the Green Man symbolises our endeavour.

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