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Here at Green Man Char, we are passionate about Biochar and the positive impact it can have. We also encourage research and investigation into the use of Biochar. We have compiled a list of Biochar references that show the science and research conducted into Biochar and its uses.

Please see below to download a great range of resources to learn more about Biochar and it’s possibilities.

The 55 Uses of Biochar

This article ‘The 55 Uses of Biochar’ from the Ithaka Journal complies a excellent list of possible uses for Biochar. It is more than just a soil additive and Biochar is without a doubt one of the most exciting fields of research.

How Biochar Works In Soil

One of the best articles on the mechanics of biochar in soil – how it works and how different processes yield different chars that work differently in the soil.

Guidelines on Practical Aspects of Biochar Application to Field Soil in Various Soil Management Systems

This guide provides an overview of current biochar knowledge pertinent to its application to soil, and gives ideas for using biochar in a variety of soil management systems.

Plant growth improvement mediated by nitrate capture in co-composted biochar

A report that discusses utilizing biochar as a strategy to improve soil fertility to enable economic and environmental benefits

Biochar in Horticulture

A report from the NSW Government: Department of Primary Industries that gives a good general overview of Biochar and its use in horticulture

Biochar affects carbon composition and stability in soil: a combined spectroscopy-microscopy study

A scientific report on how Biochar affects carbon composition and stability in soil.

The Basics of Biochar: A Natural Soil Amendment

This article from the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources shows the benefits of adding biochar to soil.

State-of-the-art Soil

An article from about how the charcoal-rich product of biochar boosts agricultural yields and controls pollution.

The Use of Biochar in Cattle Farming

This article by Achim Gerlach & Hans-Peter Schmidt from the Biochar Journal looks at the use of biochar in cattle farming. .

Biochar Use in Soil

Article by David Yarrow about Biochar and the 4 M’s: Moisten, Micronize, Mineralize, Microbe Inoculations.

Biochar: A Home Gardener’s Primer

This article from the Washington State University is a good overview on the role of biochar in gardening.

Click on the links below to learn more about Biochar – what it is and how it can be used.


Biochar information page from the NSW Government: Department of Primary Industries.


Biochar information page from Earth Systems Bioenergy.

What is Biochar?

An informative page about Biochar from the International Biochar Initiative.

Biochar — Putting the carbon Genie back in the bottle

Rob Lerner at TEDx

Biologist, environmentalist and entrepreneur, Rob Lerner, explains the difference between fertilizer and fertility. And how biochar can save our soil. And bring us back from the brink of a climate disaster.

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