Horticultural Charcoal

Our Horticultural Charcoal is a form of charcoal screened to less than 2cm in length. It is produced by clean, innovative pyrolysis technology and is a fantastic, sustainable growth media for use in your farms, pots, seed trays and gardens.

It is formed from biomass which is heated in the absence of oxygen. When this happens, a process called pyrolysis starts to occurs, which leads to the burning off of many organic compounds, leaving behind a very stable, high carbon, charcoal-like product.

When Horticultural Charcoal is applied to soils and composts it has a number of benefits, including increasing the water holding capacity of your soil. It can also enhance nutrient holding capacity, reducing the need for fertiliser application and enhancing plant growth.

Overall it is a plant-derived, sustainable additive to all your growth media and potting mixes – improving both the structural and chemical properties of soil.

Loose Horticultural Charcoal

Horticultural Charcoal

What can I use it for?

Green Man Char Horticultural Charcoal is a sustainable additive to all your soils, potting mixes and composts. It improves the structural complexity of soils, and can improve the water and nutrient holding capacity of the growing medium.


It is particularly useful for growing orchids and epiphytes where it can form part of the growing mixture if mixed with wood chips and other specialist media. At Green Man Char we have also been using our char as a growing medium in hydroponic and aquaponics systems.


For more information on the uses of Horticultural Charcoal and Biochar, please see our Tips and Tools page on the website and the Fact Sheets we have developed at Green Man Char.

How does it help my Garden?

It improves plant growth, especially in poor sandy soils.

  • When added to soil it can, through numerous mechanisms, enhance the growth of your plants and crops. It is particularly benefical in many of poor sandy soils across Australia.

Increases soil water holding capacity

  • When the char is produced, it retains the intricate structure of the plant cells, laced with tunnels and networks, originally used for the transport of water and nutrients through the plant. This creates a huge surface area and means the char can hold large amounts of water in the soil, potentially reducing the amount of watering required for healthy plant growth.

Helps the soil hold on to nutrients. 

  • The char can also help hold onto nutrients in the soil, due to charges on its surface allowing it to bind to nutrients in the soil. What this means is that less nutrient leaching may occur into the environment, and less fertiliser application will be required for your plants and crops. 

Biochar and Climate Change

Find out more about how Biochar helps the planet by combating climate change by mitigating greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere.

The History of Char

Biochar has a very long history, being found in soils in South America after being put there by ancient American civilisations thousands of years ago. Find out more information about the Wonder of Char.

Horticultural Charcoal Benefits

  • Natural Soil Conditioner
  • Enhance drainage of potted plants
  • Increase soil nutrient retention
  • Store carbon in the soil
  • Retains Nutrients in Soil
  • Optimizes Water-Holding Capacity
  • All-natural & chemical free

100% Sustainably Australian

Our Horticultural Charcoal is produced in innovative pyrolysis units developed by Earth Systems, based in Melbourne, Australia. Our biochar is produced from 100% Australian biomass feedstocks and from 100% sustainable sources. We believe this is important in order to ensure that our biochar production does not come at the expense of our country’s great forests, ecosystems and unique biodiversity.

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