Technology and Expertise

Patented Technology

Green Man Char uses world first technology in their Charmaker units. The Charmaker units utilise the process of pyrolysis, which is when biomass waste is heated at very high temperatures in the absence of oxygen. This process creates Biochar, which is a very useful substance with a whole range of different applications. Oxygen levels while pyrolysis is occurring need to be tightly controlled in order to create high quality biochar.

The patented technology of the CharMaker units allows: Very tight control of the oxygen environment Tight control over the production process – which will vary depending on the biomass being used Batch processing over a 4-5 hour period Targeted temperature range High quality char product with a high fixed carbon content Destruction of all pathogens High grade thermal energy output (which can be used to dry out other biomass) Capacity for bolt-on electricity generation unit A sophisticated afterburner arrangement suitable for contaminated biomass sources

Consulting Expertise – Charmaker MPP

After years of testing and research, Green Man Char are experts in biochar. This includes everything from the potential uses of biochar, to how you can create it yourself in order to create a seamless green waste management system.

Green Man Char can help you by answering any questions you may have about any aspect of biochar. CharMaker MPP’s have been used to create high quality Green Man Char biochar. This ensures that any questions you have will be thoroughly answered and you can be guided through the whole process, from buying a Charmaker, to creating your own high quality biochar.

After the purchase of a CharMaker MPP, Green Man Char are happy to continue supporting you through your biochar producing adventure. If you have any questions or need any advice, Green Man Char are more than happy to answer your call. This ensures that the biochar you are producing is as high quality as it can possibly be.

Mobile CharMaker

Most pyrolysis units on the market currently are either small temporary solutions – such as made from an old oil-barrel, or large permanent solutions that require biomass to be transported to the machine. Green Man Char are now the first in the world to offer a portable Pyrolysis unit that is large enough for up to 9 ton of biomass per batch, but still able to be moved to a new site if needed.

Using this mobile pyrolysis plant will not only help you to save costs on the dumping of green wastes, but also save costs on the transporting of the waste while making a product that either you can benefit from or sell, Biochar!