How Green Man Char is Different From Other Biochar

Believe it or not, all biochar is not created equal! Differences are present in all biochar due to the different conditions they were made, the feedstock used (raw material) temperature of pyrolysis, and the length of pyrolysis are all factors which need to be controlled to create biochar with the right qualities.

Using a Charmaker MPP pyrolysis plant, Green Man Char can produce quality biochar consistently. Only natural wood, leaves and branches that are free from contaminants are used in the production of the biochar to ensure a high-quality product. The CharMaker uses high temperatures in an oxygen-controlled environment which increases carbon content and surface activation levels in the final product.

Biochar can be formed by both fast and slow pyrolysis. Green Man Char uses slow pyrolysis to create its biochar, which means that less pre-treatment of the biomass is needed, resulting in a maximised biochar output and increased flexibility for the biochar.

Differences in the way that Green Man Char produces their biochar are used to create final products for different uses. For example, Green Man Char uses only natural wood to create their cooking charcoal. This is because the natural wood reduces the volatile content, which in turn leads to a low smoke, low flame, yet high energy charcoal, which is perfect for cooking.

Green Man Char biochar has been thoroughly tested by both universities and research bodies around Australia and the globe to ensure that it is always of high quality.

The kind of details explained above goes into every batch of Green Man Char biochar, ensuring that the product produced is of high quality and is perfect for the use that you need it for.

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