Become a Green Man Char Distributor

All of Green Man Char’s products are available to distributors for resale around Australia and the world. Green Man Char use only natural wood, leaves and branches to produce biochar, ensuring that as a distributor, you would only be selling extremely high quality product to your customers.

If you would like to become a distributor of Green Man Char’s products, please contact us here.

Why Green Man Char?

Green Man Char is a market leader in producing high quality biochar and wood vinegar. Through the use of the patented Charmaker MPP, biochar is able to be produced consistently at a high quality, ensuring every batch will improve the quality of customers crops, animals or plants all around the world.

This is done by only using contaminant free natural wood, leaves and branches as the feedstock to Green Man Char biochar. By using high temperatures in a controlled environment Green Man Char increases carbon content and the surface activation levels of the biochar.

Using CharMaker Pyrolysis plants, Green Man Char can consistently focus on and produce biochar. This is different to most biochar retailers, who produce it inconsistently as a by-product. This ensures that you will always have stock ready to be shipped to your customers.

Green Man Char uses unique processes and technology, and our products have been thoroughly tested by universities and independent research groups around the world.

Green Man Char is an environmentally focused company. All of the procedures followed are environmentally friendly and every step is taken to ensure this, including the use of sustainable Australian feedstocks.