About Green Man Char

Green Man Char products are the creation of Cyclic Carbon Pty Ltd, an Australian company that makes carbon products from waste. Our biochar, charcoal and wood vinegar can be used for agriculture, industry and home gardening.

We have developed our CharMaker technology over the last decade, with a team of scientists and engineers who are passionate about sustainability and developing Australian technology for the carbon economy. 

We invest heavily in research and development to contribute to a better understanding of how pyrolysis can be used to reduce waste, sequester carbon, and improve our soils, and have travelled to many parts of Australia and globally to trial different feedstocks and see biochar use in a wide variety of settings. 

Our products are made in Australia, using Australian technology and sustainably-sourced Australian feedstocks.

The Green Man name and logo


The Green Man is an ancient symbol of rebirth and nature, and embodies the challenge of sustainability in our modern world. At Green Man Char we aim to reduce waste, capture all available resources and help create a more sustainable economy in which both the environment and humanity can prosper.

The Green Man is a figure of mysterious origins with references dating back thousands of years in many different civilizations.

Although specifics about its beginnings are not known, the Green Man is often associated with the Celts. The character is most frequently depicted as a man’s face, usually ranging from middle aged to elderly, and often appears within leaves, branches, vines, and flowers, as being born from the natural world. Our Green Man is a Eucalyptus Green Man, Eucalyptus being the dominant native tree species in Australia.

At Green Man Char we believe in the formation of a more sustainable economy. Our products allow you to make a small difference to this global issue providing enhanced plant growth, reduced fertiliser use, soil improvement and carbon sequestration. We aim to reduce waste, use resources efficiently and wisely, and help create a more sustainable system in which both the environment and humanity can prosper. We believe the Green Man symbolises our endeavour.

Live in the spirit of the Green Man!


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