Australia's Largest Biochar Producer

Our Biochar journey started many years ago when we developed the Charmaker technology for transforming woody waste to biochar. Over the years we have travelled to many parts of Australia trialing feedstocks and using biochar in many different applications. We have used biochar for enhancing plant growth and improving soils, moisture retention, increasing soil carbon, as an additive to livestock feed, for water pollution and odour control amongst many other uses.

Biochar – how it is made

Green Man Char uses highly advanced slow pyrolysis technology to produce our charcoal and carbon based products. The CharMaker MPP was designed and developed by Earth Systems to produce biochar in a clean and sustainable way.

Pyrolysis is a thermochemical process where woody biomass is heated in the absence of oxygen to produce high-carbon charcoal and other by-products. Pyrolysis causes heat and chemical reactions to take place, changing the chemical composition and physical properties of the biomass. There are two main pyrolysis techniques; fast and slow pyrolysis. The difference lies primarily in the biomass size, pyrolysing temperature and time. At Green Man Char we utilise slow pyrolysis to reduce the pre-processing of the biomass, to maximise biochar output and increase biomass flexibility.

Green Man Char – Sustainably Produced

Green Man Char is a leader in the processing and application of biochar. From our income, we invest heavily in research and development to contribute to a better understanding of how biochar can improve our soils and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our technology and process is unique. It produces quality biochar with a high carbon content and high level of activation.  Our biochar has been thoroughly tested by Universities and other research bodies in Australia and internationally. We are involved and support research into understanding the uses of biochar, charcoal and other wood pyrolysis products. We have a team of scientists and engineers that actively collaborate with research institution to add to the knowledge and application of these products.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about the many different uses of Biochar.

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