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Green Man Biochar is perfect for general gardening and agricultural needs. It is a fine-grained (up to 0.3 cm) char product that conditions the soil and enhances the soil’s chemical and physical properties.

Wood Vinegar

Green Man Char Wood Vinegar is the perfect natural fertilizer for your garden. It is 100% natural, created from sustainably-sourced biomass with no added chemicals.

Hort Charcoal

Green Man Horticultural Charcoal is a coarse-grained (up to 2 cm), plant-derived potting medium,  high in carbon. It can be applied to enhance drainage and increase nutrient retention.

 At Green Man Char we offer char / biochar based soil improvers for all your gardening and horticultural needs. Our products improve the physical structure of soil, increase its water holding capacity, increase nutrient retention and enhance plant growth. We also provide charcoal for gourmet cooking.

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