Why Green Man Char?

Green Man Char biochar and charcoal products are of excellent and consistent quality because of the feedstock and processing technology that we use.

Our biochar and horticultural charcoal feedstock is derived from contaminant free natural wood, leaves and branches. The process with the CharMaker uses high temperatures in a controlled environment which increases carbon content and surface activation levels. This is ideal for our Biochar and Horticultural products which are differentiated by their grain size.

We produce our products in Australia, using Australian technology and sustainable Australian feedstocks.


Benefits of Biochar

Improved Soils


The addition of biochar to soils may improve the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil by:

  • Promoting microbial activity.
  • Increasing cation exchange capacity.
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of fertiliser application.
  • Improving nutrient and water retention.
  • Increasing the soil pH – ideal for acidic soils.

Improved Plant Growth


Biochar’s beneficial effects on soils can lead to increased health and vigour in numerous plant species.

  • Encourages healthy root formation.
  • Improved water holding capacity of the soil.
  • Improved nutrient retention and/or availability to plants.
  • Increased abundance of mycorrhizal fungi, assisting nutrient uptake by plants.

Carbon Sequestration


The production of biochar takes carbon from the atmosphere and locks it in a stable form. When applied to soil the biochar can last for thousands of years.

As a consequence the production of biochar can act as a carbon sink, helping mitigate greenhouse gas emissions; benefiting both humanity and the environment.


Other Uses


Biochar can be used for other purposes as well as for a soil amendment. For example it can be utilised for:

  • Animal Feed additives – to increase growth rates, improve digestion and prevent disease
  • Sustainable solid fuel – heating and cooking
  • Filtration medium – improving water quality
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