The Heart Gardening Project: Indigenous Public Garden



The South Melbourne BEE Gardens are Australia’s first public gardens dedicated to the sustenance of honey bees and native bees and habitat for native bees. BEE stands for Bees, Education and Environment. The purpose of the project is to bring community together, create vital biodiversity and wildlife corridors through urban Melbourne, and to improve the health of our city, environment and community! Green Man Char biochar was used on gardens 9 and 10 of The South Melbourne BEE Gardens. See photos of the process below & be sure to check out The South Melbourne BEE Gardens website, and to have a walk around in Melbourne!


  1. Emma mixed biochar with worm castings, bokashi juice, seaweed solution and rain water. Some of the mix was left for over 2 weeks and some for 6 days. The blend was mixed often and kept covered.

  2. Planting was done early in the morning. The char was mixed through the top part of the soil.

  3. Done! The remnants of the char and liquid was diluted and popped onto the other gardens...

  4. Indigenous gardens planted out! Yay! 

  5. A few days later The Correa Gardens at The BEE Gardens get their first sunshine, hopefully these plants are able to thrive!


For more information on The Heart Gardening Project, check out:

Insta: @theheartgardeningproject

Facebook: Street Gardeners of South Melbourne


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