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Ultra-Fine Biochar
Ultra-Fine Biochar

Ultra-Fine Biochar

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Buy Green Man Char Ultra-fine Biochar – our new fine grained, plant-derived Australian soil conditioner. When mixed with soil, it increases water and nutrient holding capacity and provides a home for beneficial microbes, ensuring your plants and crops prosper and stay healthy.

Our Ultra-fine Biochar is great for already established trees, lawns, & garden beds, as there's no need to dig it in, you can sprinkle it onto your top soil and let the worms and water do all the hard work.




 We are proud to say that our products are a 100% natural, sustainable & Australian and are available to buy in the following sizes:

  • 300mL Hort Char $6.00 (Approx Weight 150g)
  • 1 Litre Hort Char $15.00 (Approx Weight 0.5kg)
  • 5 Litre Hort Char $20.00 (Approx Weight 2.5kg)
  • 10 Litre Hort Char $25.00 (Approx Weight 5kg)
  • 25 Litre Hort Char $60.00 (Approx Weight 13kg)
  • 40 Litre Hort Char $75.00 (Approx Weight 20kg)
  • Bulk Orders Available

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Application Rates & Instructions

Our download includes info on how to:
  • Improve Lawns and Turf Grass
  • Improve Water & Nutrient Retention
  • Reduce Root Rot
  • Boost Seedling Growth
  • Use as Animal Feed Additive
  • Boost Compost / Worm Farm

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