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Buy Frass – a rich fertiliser blend containing 80% frass and a 20% mix of biochar and wood vinegar.

Frass is an all-natural fertiliser made from insect manure that has up to two-hundred times more beneficial microbes than typical compost or worm castings and is more nutrient dense than typical compost or worm castings. Frass is also high in chitin, which activates natural plant defences against insect attack and soil-borne diseases including root rot. 

The frass used in this product is sourced from a local producer - Beyond Ag. We have combined this frass with Green Man Char's Biochar and Wood Vinegar to make a supercharged frass fertiliser blend.

Biochar provides a massive charged surface area to store nutrients and water and provides a complex habitat for beneficial soil microbes. Wood vinegar is rich in organic molecules and acts as a biostimulant, stimulating the growth of beneficial microbes and increasing the uptake of nutrients in plants.

All ingredients in this fertiliser are carbon-negative and produced using 100% sustainably sourced biomass from local Australian suppliers. The frass used in this product derives from black soldier fly larvae processing organic biomass; the biochar and wood vinegar is produced from the pyrolysis of pure woody biomass.

Click here to learn more about Beyond Ag and the benefits of Green Man Char's different frass products.

Frass is available to buy in the following sizes (inc GST):

  • 5 Litre Frass $30.00 (Approx Weight 2.5 kg)
  • 25 Litre Frass $100.00 (Approx Weight 13 kg)
  • Contact Green Man Char for bulk orders

How to use

Frass can be mixed into the root zone with soil or applied as a top dressing for established plants.

This product is designed to be used as a standalone fertiliser and applied as required. Application rates and frequency vary depending on plant nutrient requirements. Frass can be used with other fertilisers and soil conditioners, however, care should be taken to not over-fertilise the soil.

For general application rates, please see below as a guide: 

 Use Description Application

Top dressing
Top dressing existing plants 1-2 L per mor 0.5-1 kg / m2

Potting soils, garden beds and new trees

Adding Frass to potting soils, existing garden beds and when planting new trees

2.5-5% of mass volume of planting or potting mix targeted at root zones
Garden Trees Planting new trees or dressing existing trees

1-2 L per mor 0.5-1 kg / m2

Large-scale agriculture / horticulture

Large-scale applications in field and greenhouse cropping
 5 up to 10 t/ha. 

*Lower application rates can be used if Frass is applied as a concentrated application, e.g. use 1/2 of a normal application rate when directly applying Frass in a concentrated form (not mixed with other material) to the root zone or as a top dressing in rows.

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