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Buy Green Man Char Biochar+Frass – a complete soil conditioner and fertiliser which contains millions of beneficial microbes to increase plant growth and promote the health of your soil.

We have supercharged our biochar by adding frass, which is produced locally by Beyond Ag. Frass is an all-natural fertiliser made from insect manure. It's rich in plant nutrients and has up to two-hundred times more beneficial microbes than compost. Frass is high in chitin which activates natural plant defences against insect attack and soil-borne diseases including root rot. Click here to learn more about Beyond Ag and the benefits of frass.

Green Man biochar increases water and nutrient holding capacity and provides a home for beneficial microbes, ensuring your plants and crops prosper and stay healthy.

Biochar+Frass is made from 100% sustainably sourced biomass from local Australian suppliers. By volume, this product contains 80% biochar derived from wood biomass and 20% frass derived from black soldier fly larvae processing organic biomass.

Biochar+Frass is available to buy in the following sizes (inc GST):

  • 5 Litre Biochar+Frass $30.00 (Approx Weight 2.5kg)
  • 25 Litre Biochar+Frass $65.00 (Approx Weight 13kg)
  • Contact Green Man Char for bulk orders

How to use
Apply once or annually, as required. Biochar+Frass can be mixed into the root zone, used as a top dressing or blended with other planting mixes, such as compost, mulches or potting soils. Biochar+Frass can be combined with other fertiliser products, but care should be taken to not over-fertilise the soil.

For general application rates, please see below as a guide: 

 Use Description Application

Top dressing
Top dressing existing plants 1-1.5 Litres / m2

Potting soils, garden beds and new trees

Adding Biochar+Frass as part of potting soils, existing garden beds and when planting new trees

1-10% of mass volume of planting/potting mix targeted at root zones
Compost Blend Blend Biochar+Frass with your favourite compost blend 1-10% of mass volume
Garden Trees Planting new trees or dressing existing trees 1-5 Litres / m2

Large-scale agriculture / horticulture

Large-scale applications in field and greenhouse cropping
 1-10 tonne per hectare or approximately 2-20 m3 per hectare targeted at root zones


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