Wood Vinegar (Pure Smoke Water) Bio-Stimulant
Wood Vinegar (Pure Smoke Water) Bio-Stimulant

Wood Vinegar (Pure Smoke Water) Bio-Stimulant

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Green Man Char Wood Vinegar (otherwise known as Pyroligneous Acid, Liquid Smoke or Smoke Water*) is the perfect natural fertiliser for your garden. It is 100% natural, created from sustainably-sourced biomass with no added chemicals. Our wood vinegar is a fantastic bio-stimulant for your plants stimulating plant growth and improving absorption through the roots.

We are proud to say that our Wood Vinegar is 100% natural, sustainably produced, Australian-made and NASAA Certified Organic. Our Certification No is 3026M and is registered with the NASAA organisation.

When you buy Green Man Char Wood Vinegar, you are purchasing a 100% sustainable Australian product that is available to buy in the following sizes (inc GST):

  • 1 Litre Wood Vinegar $14.00 (Approx Weight 1kg)
  • 4 Litres Wood Vinegar $30.00 (Approx Weight 4kg)
  • 20 Litres  Wood Vinegar  $75.00 (Approx Weight 21kg)
  • 1000 Litres Wood Vinegar $2145.00 (Approx Weight 1100kg)*
  • Bulk Orders Available

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* Green Man Char Wood Vinegar is 100% Pure Smoke Water (normal smoke water/liquid smoke is diluted). Green Man Char Wood Vinegar can be diluted at a ratio of 200:1 (200 parts water, 1 part wood vinegar), therefore can go far and achieve fantastic results.

Application Rates & Instructions

Our download includes info on how to:

  • Enrich the Soil
  • Boost Seed Germination
  • Boost Compost / Worm Farm
  • Growth Enhancer
  • Control Root Rot
  • Combat Bad Odour
  • Use as Animal Feed Additive
  • Improve Your Orchids
  • Improve Flavor of Sweet Fruit Plants

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